The main arches of the bridge marked out and cut to a profile matching the direction of the grain as far as possible. This ensures that maximum strength is achieved. The original planks are sawn from 'mis-shapen' logs that have been specially selected for the main arch supports and hand rails. Once the main beams have been cut, they are finally finished by hand using an electric plane. The finished beams are assembled so that the direction of the grain is opposing and neutralises any stress.

Once the main framework is constructed, the handrail sections are attached and the fixed diagonal braces are positioned to ensure complete lateral rigidity.

The handrail posts temporarily secured in order to be lined up, before being morticed to secure the additional bracing.

As with the main beams, the bracing and handrail are finished by hand planing.

Once the posts are morticed and bracing finished, they can then begin to be be assembled.


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