Timber and timber products form the foundations of our business. Although most of our trade revolves around fencing and allied products, our experience and expertise allows us not only to supply timber for fencing purposes, but also to provide carefully sourced and selected materials for exterior uses, far beyond the scope of the traditional timber merchant.



Kiln Drying

It is most vital that all outside timbers are treated with a preservative to ensure they have a maximum life span. The first process for certain products is to be dried which takes place in our brand new kilning facility on site in Woodcote. Moisture measuring probes are carefully inserted into each batch of timber before the train enters the kiln. It is then heated and the air circulated on a computer controlled cycle for approximately 7 days until the timber has reached the necessary average moisture content.


Pressure Impregnation

The most effective timber treatments are applied using a vacuum pressure process. We have our own pressure impregnation plant and use one of the leading brands - 'BASF Wolmanit CX' (please click on this link for more detailed product infomation). Treated timber will have a natural pale green colour but can by special arrangement be mixed with a brown dye if required. When dry it is completely harmless to plants and animals and safe to use.

The process invloves a large steel cylindrical vessel into which the timber is placed. The door is closed and the air is withdrawn using a vacuum pump. Whilst under vacuum, the preservative fills the cylinder completely and is then pressurised forcing the liquid deep into the wood. Finally the preservative is drained off and a futher vacuum is performed to remove the surface excesses. Once removed from the vessel the timber is taken to a draining area until dry enough to handle.

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