Pairs of Gates / Single Gate - Options


We pride ourselves on the quality and finish of our individually handcrafted main entrance gates, and aim to produce a very high end product, in contrast to many cheaper alternatives as found available on the internet. Most of our hardwood entrance gates are constructed from Iroko, which is naturally durable and has a slightly oily feel to the freshly machined surfaces. Other timbers are available, the most suitable being Oak, however the price is significantly more expensive due to the raw material costs. The timber which we purchase for the gate production is all of the highest grade, initially air-dried, then kiln-dried. We purchase this in 50mm, 65mm, 80mm and 105mm thicknesses, and it comes100mm to 600mm in width.

The are no standard size or pattern gates, although many are similar. The choice is entirely yours as these gates are bespoke. We have a range of gate styles as examples shown on page 34, but if you have your own design, or photos of ones you have seen, we would be pleased to discuss replicating these designs for you. From your information, we will produce for you an accurate drawing of the gate of your choice and even incorporate this into a picture of your entranceway so that you can see how it will look after installation.

Manufacturing Process

We manufacture all of our Main Entrance Gates from start to finish at our workshop on our site in Woodcote. The timber is selected for the various sizes required, cut to the dimensions and planed as needed to produce the gate components. At all stages, any defects are removed or pieces discarded to ensure that the final product is the best possible. Once an order has been placed, the task of manufacture will be assigned to one person who completes the job in its entirety.

The timber is marked out, mortice and tenon jointed, glued and dowelled together with wooden dowells to form the frame, which is then boarded with tongued and grooved boards attached with stainless nails which are punched below the surface and then filled. The final set of gates will be sanded and edge routed, usually with a stepped-round to finish off.

We suggest that after installation the gates are treated with a Teak Oil which enhances the appearance. This should be done on a regular basis to maintain the appearance, but can be left to mature naturally. Most of the gates shown will have been automated, and we will be pleased to work with your preffered installer, or we can recommend an installer who will either supply and fit or simply just install the gates which you have purchased directly.